Please help! Got Dekoni pads for Grado 325x, but don't know how to remove old ones and install new ones


First post, stupid question. I’ve looked on youtube, but cannot find the answer I need.

Have a pair of Grado 325x headphones, and want to replace the pads with Dekoni Full Leather. I have the new pads, but I can’t find any real instructions on how to remove the ones that came with it, and put the new ones on to replace them.

Yes, an obviously stupid question, but my other grado’s pads simply slipped off. I don’t want to break the cans.

Can anyone help or point my in a direction that can help?



The stock F pads should slip right off. The Dekonis probably have some sort of pleather lip that slides over the edge of the cups.

Should be easy. Grados are perhaps the easiest cans to pad swap – that’s part of the fun!