Please help me - are my new speakers clipping?

Just got my first set of nice speakers ever and amp, and now I’m worried they’re clipping.

I have to turn the volume knob on the amp up to 65% just to get medium volume. Does that mean the speaker is clipping? I have heard that clipping can hurt the speaker over time.

I’m using a micca origain, 30 watts per channel for my 8 ohm Fluance sx6 speakers. Any input is appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

It’s most likely the origain running out of clean power. While it may be able to reach 30wpc, it will have very audible level distortion. You really need alot of power to clip speakers, and its more likely to clip an amp in your case

First off, thank you so much for responding. Second, you’re saying it’s safe to play around 80-90% of the origain’s max, without worrying about the speakers? I won’t max out the amp, just wanna get it loud enough

Well, clipping an amp can damage a speaker because it causes the amp to create a square wave and forces the speaker driver forward, interrupting natural speaker motion. At this power it probably won’t do much damage, but higher up it can cause you to blow the speaker surrounds or cone or voicecoil or whatnot. You will most likely be in the audible distortion range when you are around 80-90%, so if you have to go this high for listenable levels, it may be time to upgrade to a more powerful amp to reduce distortion at listenable levels and gain more headroom

I see. Thank you again for your help. I am returning the amp and getting something more powerful. To all those considering the origain, you might want to consider something more powerful.

Just curious, are you using them in a room like a living room or kitchen or something, or are you using them nearfield on a desk

Small room, about 130 square feet - my set up is on a desk, so I guess nearfield on day to day basis; but I want to host parties every now and then, and my speakers should be able to handle such applications with ease.

SMSL Sa98e


That would work… the AD18 gives you Bluetooth and headphone amp and remote plus speaker amp

Sick, I was looking for something decent with bluetooth but only found $300+ receivers. Thanks for your recommendations!

This Yamaha has Bluetooth

Yup, never heard the Yamaha, but it’s often recommended too.

I don’t know if this is good, but the specs are good:
160Wx2 (speaker 4 ohm), 100Wx2 (speaker 8 ohm)

By the way, I have Fluance SX6s. Powered by an old Denon AVR-1312 I got from eBay for 100$ (100, 120 watts per channel?). Volume at “60dB” (maximum 100) means the volume is actually 90dB in the room (and my ears hurt, and some techno “kicks” sound like gunshots). Heh.

Bonus, the Denon does 5.1, so I’m really tempted to buy another pair of Fluance SX6s for a 4.0 setup. Just a matter of time.