Please help me find headphones im so lost

I have read soo many guides the last few days and am so lost as to what to buy. I come from using Beats, home surround sound, and gaming headsets mainly Logitech ones. After reading how bad the 7.1 virtual surround was after i thought it was pretty good. I now feel disgusted.

I have a budget of 300 and that includes getting a mic for when im away from my desk mic. Im looking to mainly play games/some music and im not looking for amazing footstep detection, im looking for immersive sound. I dont need the base to expload so high that my ears buzz out and it drowns out people talking in game. i play fps but RPGS are my main genre so as long as im not hearing footsteps on the wrong side we should be fine.

I think im leaning more towards closed back as thats what im used to, and I fear that open back will be too loud to wear when im on the mic and waking the girlfriend up at night in the next room.

I would like comfort and something I can wear for at least like 3-4 hours at a time.

Finally, the ones I have found that look promising are:
-Logitec Gprox
-Monolith M1060
-Beyerdynamic MMX 300

For the love of god please help

if you take a closed back headphone and turn up the volume to how loud you would be listening to and then take the headphones off your head, that leakage is roughly how loud an open back headphone will be for people around you when the open back headphones are on your head. Hopefully that helps you decide if you need to stick to closed

Yeah that’s bad. Sometimes I take my headphones off and just set them on the side and listen to it that way. Would semi closed be about the same?

semi closed would be somewhere in the middle depending on the model, but you might want to stick to closed if you are unsure if it will be acceptable.

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awesome thats kind of where I was heading anyways by choosing closed back

If you’re looking for closed I would say look into the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 2nd Generation.

will those be better than the tyger 300s I have heard they may sound better

The Tygrs are very open, out of stock for quite a while as you mentioned, and they are bundled with a microphone. But they are a very good headphone if you can find them. I wouldn’t say one is better than the other

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didnt realize they were open headphones well that eliminates them right there THANKS!

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