Please help no right channel

Laptop usb out > xduoo xd05 usb in > xduoo xd05 aux out > topping pa3 rca in > speaker cable to rb42s from pa3

Getting no sound from right speaker. Tested the speaker and the speaker cables on another system and both work fine. I guess it’s the amp?

What happens when you swap the channels between any of them?

Another thing to check in windows > sound settings > device settings >

Do you mean when I swap the speaker wire at the back of the topping? Still only left

Have you tested your interconnect cables

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I mean every cable pair along the path.
AMP ↔ Speakers

I swapped them and both cables work left and neither work right

I only have one aux to rca so i can’t check that

But you can swap left and right between DAC and Amp.
So leave everything as is on the DAC, but swap at the AMP.

Okay so I plugged the white RCA into the red input on the amp and right channel works now but not left

That narrows it down to the Amp.
If still under warranty, RMA it. If not, take it apart, maybe it is just a blown fuse.

Still under warranty :+1: thanks

The last time something similar to this happened to me, it was due to my 1/4’’ headphone jack. If you have extras lying around, check out if that is faulty for some reason.

Had adapters go bad aswell, swapping channels then eliminates that cause

Both inputs same issue seems strange to me as well

So I just unplugged the aux and back in and now it works fine

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So the cable is the issue, it most likely was bent in a certain way. What brand of cable were they?

Cable creation from amazon

Does Amazon Basics have that cable type? Amazon Basics cables are usually pretty good. It’s what I use for the optical cable from TV to amplifier.

Not in canada when I looked… agreed amazon basics is :ok_hand:

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