Please help with my Xbox Series X problem!

Hi all! I want to preface this with I know next to nothing about audio technologies, setups etc. So please bear with me.

Right now I have a PS4 and Xbox One and I’m running optical audio out, to an optical to RCA (Red/White cable) converter, then into my Logitech z623 computer speakers. I do this because I’m using a PC monitor that has terrible audio output quality. I also have my computer plugged directly into the speakers via 3.5mm cable.

Now the issue I have is regarding the Xbox Series X - which Microsoft has opted not to include an optical out port. I’m stumped for what I can do, I’m really happy with my speakers and cannot afford an expensive setup.

So I was hoping someone here might have an idea or solutions as to what I can do. Soon I plan to buy a new 1440p 120hz monitor (hence why I can’t afford new audio setup) so I want to be sure whatever solution I do won’t cause lag and can output at 1440p 120hz.

Here is a sketchup of what my setup looks like:

The obvious solution would be to HDMI - Optical converter/extractor.
Big question would be, do any one support 1440p 120hz?

If the new monitor would have audio output, that could be used with current Logitech set.

The monitor I’m most likely going to get is: LG 27GL850 I just assumed the audio out wouldn’t be great either - please tell me I’m wrong and it would sound great! :stuck_out_tongue:

The cheap solution is to use the LG’s headphone jack.

The expensive solution would be to buy a dac. It’s unknown whether Xbox Series X supports USB audio out or not. But if it supports, that’s the solution.

My current monitors audio out (headphone jack) doesn’t output any bass to my subwoofer. Do you think the LG’s headphone jack would?

All I’m looking for is just a normal quality, nothing fancy. But as it stands if all monitors are like mine, they’re a huge disservice to whatever I’m playing.

To my knowledge the 3.5mm (headphone) output, in most devices outputs is full range stereo? So if the setup would be, current monitor 3.5mm -> to Logitech “subwoofer” from that -> Logitech speakers, it should play all sounds and not leave the bass out.

In my mind it would be weird if a devices headphone output cut’s off low bass… then again there are thousands and thousands of monitors. Maybe some would? Could there just be some Audio setup in monitor menu that is not correct?

Though it can be bad quality, so sub level needs to be more, compared to PC.
If you have any set of headphones to test, it should also leave most of the bass out.

100% positive…ish sure it will sound fantastic! Like mermaids singing, just for you before drowning and eating you alive. :kissing_closed_eyes:
You kinda have to test it to be sure. :slight_smile:

Backup option: if Xbox supports USB audio, then a dac is good solution like Hamed mentioned. They pretty cheap anyways.

Hey bro you probably already know this. But just to make sure… If this monitor doesn’t have hdmi 2.1 ( I think it doesn’t) xbox series x will probably not support 1440p at 120hz.

Not 100% sure on this one. I think it can do 1080p at 120 hz but definitely not 4k at 120hz. So 1440p is right in the middle and I think its pushing the bandwidth.

I’m pretty sure the Series X does 4k at 120hz. The Series S does 1440p at 120hz.

Of course it does. You will need a TV or monitor with the new HDMI 2.1 standard to support this tho. Its a bandwidth issue. Current HDMI doesn’t have enough bandwidth to support 4k at 120hz. This is why PC users opt for displayport usually. Look it up :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies people!

Getting a decent setup for my Xbox Series X sounds like it’s gonna be a pain. Did not realise I’d need HDMI 2.1, and it doesn’t seem to be common in current retail monitors yet. Not sure what I’m gonna do.

I know the Series X does 4K at 120, though honestly, I’m happy to just pay for a really good 1440p screen.

@MadGman, I think they have mentioned Xbox Series X will support USB audio. To what extent I’m not sure. What DAC would you recommend if I needed one?

There are many good DAC’s (digital analog conventers) so you would be looking device at least with USB - RCA onnection, with the current setup you have.
There can be even more connections available, depends what you might need.

I’m having hard time to recommend something since i usually aim for “very good” level and i am struggling with my DAC selection at the moment. :slight_smile:
If you use the search on top right corner (magnifying glass), use “xbox dac” in search and look from there.

So good news people! I just received my new monitor and running my speakers through it sounds just as good. Nothing too noticeable, less bass so I’ve turned that up on my speakers.

However, it is very quiet compared to running it through my PC. I need to have my speakers turned up quite high for my usual listening volume. And cranking it up to the max on my speakers is only half as loud as what it used to be.

Does anyone know a way to boost the volume output? Can this even be done?