Please recommend a good budget Streamer

I’m looking for a budget streamer. $500 price range preferred. . I’m considering an Audiolab 6000N but was wondering what else to consider?? The DTS Play-Fi looks like a good feature but don’t know a lot about it.

I will be using a Wilsenton R8 Tube amp to power the JBL 530 studio monitors.

I purchased on JBL’s for $298 a pair!!! Best deal ever!!! Was on sale on JBL website around cyber Monday.

Any suggestions on using Tidel and a streamer that will pair well with my components?

The blue sound node 2i is the usual pitch at that price, I’m pretty sure arcam had a streamer that was well regarded in that price range as well, but I think it’s discontinued.

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Does this work with the DTS Play-Fi app?

At quick search no. It’s for Audiolab.
But you will not need Play.Fi app if you go for blue sound node 2i.
Just Tidal app and music comes out.