Pls help me make it work! Need amp recommendation!

Hey, I am completely new to this whole scene and to advance into it and get more out of everything that I listen to I bought the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (gen.2). Today my FiiO E10K Olympus 2 DAC/AMP also arrived and unfortunately it doesn’t work as I expected. I can use it for the headphones and they sound alright with it however, I can’t at all use the microphone with it, because that has to run over the onboard soundcard which is some good-for-nothing realtek shit. Even when that onboard works it constantly picks up a very loud noise. So now my question is, what DAC/AMP can you recommend for these headphones that will also support the microphone? Since I had to dig really deep into my pocket already for the mmx 300 I am hoping there are really nice options for around the 100€ mark.
I want to make this work so badly :T

Schitt Fulla or Hel…or maybe post in the gaming audio section :+1:

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Fills , hel , or sound blaster g6

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately the Schiit stuff is a bit harder to get in the EU, I’d pay 35€ minimum more just for shipping ;(

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The g6 seems pretty alright, I think I’ll try that. Though audio equipment if fucking expensive…