Pls, need help for choose new headphone!

Hello i read a lot of post about good fps headphone, I have a messy head because I don’t know which headset to buy I have seen many guides (felankor guide and more) currently I have tried the akg 702 and the r70x but I have seen that they may not be so good, some people recommend the akg701 or the akg612pro and the dt 880 pro, the 900pro x and the dt1990 but I don’t know which one of these to get competitive gaming very seriously, could you please help me choose a headset? Thanks :slight_smile: i have a zen dac v2 amp

lol Its a long read, hope it helped in some fashion at the very least

They perform fine outside of some imaging issues, did you have any performance issues with them? Any thing that you felt, “off” or “missing” for the most part?

You will get a mixed bag of answers because there is no, “best” but rather what performs better for you… everybody hears different and sound is quite subjective so its a bit of a chase to figure out what you find works. K702 and R70x are a bit on the airier side with a larger soundstage and pretty solid imaging its alternative would be the air series such as 1000x or 2000x from audio technica…

Beyers as you list will be a more dampened and aggressively in your face sound they won’t sound as “open” and “airy” as the others listed.

Would encourage if possible trying the other options to find what works best in this regard, less you know already what it is you need to find