Plugging in headphones on front/back/speakers of my pc?

So I’m curious, does it matter if I plug my headphones on the front or back of my PC and/or to the front of my pc speakers ? And if I do plug it to my speakers, should I put my speakers volume to the max and then reduce the Windows volume or vice-versa ?

This all depends. It’s typically recommended against using the front panel audio unless you have to, as it’s more susceptible to electric noise, causing degraded audio quality.
Most rear panel audio on most modern motherboards is good enough for easier to drive headphones.
As for the pass-through on your speakers, that depends. On some, it’s just a passthrough and the dial on the speakers won’t do jack shit for your headphone volume levels. On others, it’ll still control the volume. As for which you want to control it with, that depends on you. Some like the physical knob. Others prefer the software control.
Sorry this isn’t a clear cut answer, but I hope you find it helpful all the same.


Ok thank you ! I was mostly wondering if it has any meaningful impact on the quality of the audio, from my experience it doesn’t seem to matter but since I’m ordering better headphones it got me thinking about it.