Plz which Sundara or Zues? Using Zen can

Please help iv been researching for awhile and still cant make my mind up between the 2. I’ll be using a zen can amp and liquid spark dac.i honestly care mostly about sound more than anything. I want to be immersed in my music, gaming, and movies. If you have both wich do you end up using the most? Honestly looking to buy tonight as I am wanting to use my new equipment asap .thank you to anyone who gives me input in this matter : ) truly thank you!

!!! It seems I am not able to respond anymore for the next 22 hours because I am new!!! Please just leave any advice on here thank you I will read all of it! Shout out to Mr sushi for all ur help man.

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Forgot to mention I do like bass so I will be using xbass bass button on the zen can

Do you like very intense and intimate sound or light and airy. If you like the intense sound, Zeus is your go to. If you like light and airy, then you’ll love the sundara

Light and airy doesnt sound great to me. I want it to sound full bodied . To hit with power. Is that the zues then? Also curious u have both? More importantly thank you for inputting : ). Also you mean the sundara has bigger soundstage? I would like it to just wow me with its surround sound. I want to feel like I’m there. Sorry if I ramble just trying to make my best decision: )

Oooooooo you’d love the Zeus then. (From what I’ve heard) the sundara is more airy (more soundstage) and very calming light sound. I’ve tried the Zeus, and that just barrages you with nice and intense sound. Zeus also does have pretty nice soundstage, but not as good as sundara’s soundstage.

define “light and airy”…

intense i just think of “this is super loud to the point of being borderline” and intimate means that it feels comfortable and emotionally resonant instead of feeling super neutral. a more emotive sound

By intense I mean very aggressive and “close” sounding, and intimate I mean having lots of detail. By light I mean laid back and soothing and by airy I mean having lots of soundstage and a very relaxing (again this is from what I’ve heard)

Where did you order the zues from Mr. Sushi? And what cord did it come with? I am nervous about linsoul 35% restocking fee freaks me out. At that point I should just sell them I guess. Anyways I think that the zuez is starting to wound like it be the best fit

I didn’t buy, my friend did and I tried it a lot of times. He got it from linsoul and he had no issues, but I believe it’s on hifigo as well.

this is actually also very useful to me because of zeos’ dekoni pad video and me not knowing whether i want the “sundara like” sound of the fenestrated when i buy a DT 770 80ohm OR the more punchy sound of the choice leather (and seeing as i prefer the more blunt and direct V shape of a bass boosted grado so you get super sparkly highs but also get the intense bass of a high bass boost… yeah probably choice leather)

Oh no lol I read ur description on the sounds. Now I want sundara I think lmao I’m horrific when it CV omes to choosing lol I greatly value ur input tho. I feel like I’m getting a sense of what I should choose. Whatever I choose I will leave my impression on it when I receive the headphones

What type of music do you like to listen to? It might help narrow down what would be best for you

One song I heard and was taken away by it on my other headphones was dragon force. Through the fire and flames. I think it’s called also love dreams Fleetwood mac lol I love all music really but really like songs from cash cash I dont know what they fall under lol

Ooooooooooo if you like the hard rock of the fire and the flames the zeus’s intense sound will make it sound much more powerful and strong

I think it right then from iv heard the zuez also has that bass to really bring it home. Only thing that holds be back is that I’m worried about soundstage but I guess I could hit that 3d button on then can and maybe that will help out enough

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Yeah that would definitely benefit if you want some more soundstage, and hey, people who like bass, like looooooots of bass (example; me and every bass head I know), so you’ll get even more with the nice bass boost. From the sound demo of the sundara, I was disappointed in the lack of bass and impact. So ig Zeus is the best way to go!

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Where did you you hear the sound demo on the sundara? Also truly thank you ur assistance I feel like I’ll make the right choice tonight . Lol I’m staying up another 4 hours then ordering the one I feel is best for me. But as of right sounds like the zuez : ) either way im excited

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On the z reviews channel, he creates a sound demo of every headphone he reviews. They give a good idea of the sound signature of the headphone.

Oh Ill check that out. If there was only a way of trying both at the same time burned in it would be the best. But Alas not possible. Especially the with linsoul if I make a mistake I’m fd lol. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that bad alot of people say the zues is a fun headphone. I just want it completely floor me on the

I’d prefer using hifigo instead of linsoul as hifigo is much more reliable from what I’ve heard