Pocketable IEM Case?

Every IEM I have comes with a nice little box that I can store them in. But none of them are something I could chuck into my pockets, and my pockets are not safe enough to just have them in there completely naked.

Also along the line of that, are there any nice organized IEM containers you keep your babies in?

For pocketable cases, I live and die by these GLCON cases: https://www.amazon.com/GLCON-Rectangle-Protection-Enclosure-Lightweight/dp/B00KRURIEO
Perfect size for 1-2 pairs of IEMs, with a mesh pocket for tips, an extra cable, a dongle…whatever you want! Just room enough for anything while still fitting (reasonably) inside a pocket. For smaller IEMs and/or earbuds, I like the cheapy KBEar cases, too: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256803979182217.html

For storing multiple IEMs or at home, most people seem to prefer plastic organizers (like you’d use for beads) or watch collection display cases.


the Moondrop Aria case is really small and thus pocketable, but you won’t be able to get any iem in there.

I used to use the case of my old Klipsch image S4 : it is a little bit bigger than the Aria’s case, but it is soft; more iem can get into it, but they’ll be less protected.

oh, you had one as well?

Good memories man, but damn it is absolutely shit nowadays.

Nice suggestion, it even comes in green! I might pick one up for sure - so cheap.

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I keep a literal pile of them around (some bought in 2-packs, probably about 11 in total). I tend to use them in my travels, so I can not only have a universally-sized solution for multiple units but also so that I don’t damage or mar any of the stock cases that come with IEMs (many of which are fancy but not as durable). Here is a shot for scale reference if anyone is curious
(left to right: Rikubuds square case, KBEar IEM case, GLCON case, Campfire Audio Canvas case)


I still own them. I bought some comply foam tips for it, since I lost all the silicone ones. That transforms them into bass canons. But yeah, they don’t hold shit against iems of nowadays.

me too, and thats how I managed to graph it. Tried them for a few seconds and I couldnt believe I loved that thing in the past lol.

I never really loved it, but I had no point of comparison and they were the best iem I could afford at the time.

I followed a tech website advice/top and finished with these.

I never liked the fit either, with those too long tips that were oval and not round. I gave up on iems after some time.

I only got back to it years later thanks to all the reviews about tin hifi and the bl-03 (that I really appreciate for some warm listening despite the awful fit).

The KZ cases are good, I have a few of them, they fit in my pockets nicely

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