(Poll) Do you listen to Sound 'demos' on youtube?

I’m curious to know how many people listen to headphone sound demos on youtube… such as the ones Zeos, Oluv, Bert, and some others do for headphone reviews.
This would be an example:

  • Yes, I watch/listen to sound demo videos on youtube.
  • No, I don’t bother with sound demo videos.

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I generally don’t listen to sound demos on youtube. My take on it is that even though you can hear quite a difference between products, they are ultimately colored by you own dac/amp/speakers or headset. I much prefer the review itself if i where to make a decision about buying a product…


Pretty useless imo in most circumstances. That’s about all I have to say

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Sound demos are good for comparison not for judging a headphone’s sound since it depends on the system used to record the sound demo and your headphones color the sound and such but for comparing different headphones its useful.

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I check out Z’s demos sometimes to get exposed to music I haven’t heard. I’ve taken a handful of songs he featured.

It’s a 10-minute daily video content filler for Z. The daily grind is hard.

Ok, the new music thing is a plus I guess lol

Also I think that you can judge fit and isolation/potential leak from those videos, but trying to get any idea of the headphone or compare is just a fruitless effort to me

I remember trying to use Zeo’s dark voice tube swapping video to get an idea of the effects of swapping tubes… and came away feeling like there was little to no difference. But then tube swapping on the dark voice in real life, it’s actually pretty easy to hear a difference. So yeah, I definitely lean towards finding it pretty limiting overall.

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Honestly I agree. It only gave me a general idea. The only one that sounded fairly close to me was the DT770 250 ohm demo. Everything else didn’t sound like it did on the demos.

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That tube swapping video was a weird one. I actually came away thinking the stock tube sounded the best along with the Russian Tung Sol. I doubt it really is.

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I don’t listen to a lot of them, but have. It is an interesting way to encounter new sounds. Also it was the final inspiration to buy DT880, I remember being impressed by that.

Generally though, the creator does some EQ and tweaking anyway, I just wouldn’t expect MUCH from them.

Unless It is happening right in front of you with equipment you set up and run then there is always the little doubt as to whether it is real or not. At least that is how I feel. What you hear on a sound demo online is what your equipment is making it sound like so therefore it is not actual . Is it ?

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Nope, sort of pointless IMO. They all sound like the ones on my head at the time…

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Watching YouTube sound demos is like being shown a Youporn video and being told that it’s just like getting laid.


It doesn’t make any sense to watch demos, trying to hear the actual sound the headphones or speakers make through Youtube is like shoving a golf ball through a garden hose.
If it worked, we would essentially never need to buy new gear, since we would only need to hear recordings of said gear to be satisfied.

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