Portable aux input dacs?

i was wondering if there any portable dacs that take aux input because i play multiple arcarde rhythm games that has bad audio quality

DAC is an digital to analog converter, if its an aux (3.5mm) that means the signal is already analog, maybe an amp/preamp would help a little, but it all depends on your overall setup

but keep in mind that arcade machine dont have the best sound quality from the get go (especially vintage ones)

So a dedicated DAC there probably isn’t many out there that are portable and accept an analog input like Naturallymorbid mentioned. But combo units (DAC/AMP) like ifi xCAN, Gryphon, and Hip DAC, are examples that can take both digital and analog inputs. I also believe fiio, topping and xduoo have portable units as well that have these features.
This that in mind depending on form factors want and budget you have we can definitely recommend some for you. Basically these units range from $100 to $1000 and the there are DAPs that do this as well soooooo. Yeah what are you looking for?

some thing small/body mountable preferabley 100-200 AUD

Fiio Q1 mk2 is flask size and probably the lowest price point I’d go. It used to be had for $130 and has a decent amp and DAC. If looking smaller there are units on Amazon that might work but they are so cheap I wouldn’t trust them.
FiiO Q1 Mark II Native DSD DAC & Amplifier for PC/MobilePhone https://a.co/d/gWjD42W

As far as i know the FIIO Q1 or any portable dac/amp, dont have 3.5mm in, only 3.5mm out

There definitely is a 3.5 input on the fiio and on the Gryphon it can do both balanced and unbalanced line in. I’ve owned both of these and have used them that way.

That’s my point - its an OUT, not an IN 3.5mm - OP needs something that has a 3.5mm IN to accept from an arcade machine, That’s part of the problem.

Edited my comment, I was having a Convo on line outs a little bit ago and had that train of thought in my head. But good news they both still have the analog inputs.

Found this after a quick search on amazon, no idea how good it is but reviews seem ok and its cheap.
I doubt it will be something earth shattering but there is a decent chance for it being better than the native output of the arcade machine.

Keep it mind that it also depends on your headphone
But if you want to keep looking just look for “preamplifier+headphones”

i have found a fiio q5 with analog input does anyone have any experience with this?

I have been using a q5s for a few years now and really enjoy it. I actually have it set to use as my on the couch with headphones listening for my record player. The bass boost even works through the analog input. I have never used the original q5, but I can’t imagine they are vastly different