Portable DAC/AMP combo for Moondrop Aria

Hey all,

My first post :smiley:
I want to ask for some advice about what DAC/AMP to buy for my new Moondrop Aria IEMs.
I will use it with my Android phone, and probably with my PC also (but not important).
I checked around and seems like these are the options? :

  • Qudelix 5K
  • FiiO BTR5
  • Hip Dac (kinda more expensive)
  • Hidizs DH80 ?
  • Shanling UP4

Which of these is a good option (or something else in this price range)?


if you plan on using it on the pc as well as going portable, I’d consider the earstudio es100 for 99$/euros.
(the unit provides in my experience, mostly a very precise spacing and balancing effect in the sound, but with little improvement in the “oh new sounds i never heard before!!” department)
there’s a ton of reviews on line, search a bit and see if it fits your needs.

Question do Moondrop Aria even need an Amp? Can I use it with just usb dongle dac?