Portable DAC / Amp questions

are there any portable DAC / Amp that also support a mic on the cans?

are there any that are powerful enough to run something like the HE-4xx and provide pleasing sound?

no responses…guess that means ‘no’ is the answer?

an example of why I asked…I use my NAD HP-50’s for work and it’s got a mic in the cable. super convenient, but I can adapt if necessary.

If you are able to go with a trans-portable solution something to look into are gaming dac amps.

Only portable solutions are blutooth dac amps with built in mics and those are lack luster. Only a few with inline and even then more for in ears.

More info is needed. What is feeding thia dac? Does it need to be portable on person?

Is it running off a phone or computer?

If your into iems I believe the moondrop freedsp cable has a mic on it.