Portable DAC/AMP recommendation ~$100

I’m looking for a portable DAC/AMP to pair with THIEAUDIO Legacy 3. My budget is around $100. I’m currently considering one of these:

  • iFi Audio hip-dac
  • FiiO Q1 Mark II
  • FiiO BTR5

Question is you want Bluetooth or cable connection only. Hip DAC and Q1 are quite big and can only be used via wire.

The L3 are quite easy to drive so I would say the BTR5 is more than powerful enough especially if you get a 2.5mm cable for the L3. BTR5 offers Bluetooth and is not as big as the others. Some easy EQ function could be nice too which the BTR5 has.

So just for the L3 I would say get the BTR5 or the Qudelix 5k.

BTR5 is really good
think the Fiio (UTWS3?) is around that price too

Even the kz az09 is a solid option and fits great to the L3, and you have more than enough budget to buy any sort of other DAC amp