Portable Dac/amp with mic line in to replace Soundblaster G3

I currently travel with a Soundblaster G3 however it has started crackling and popping. That along with I don’t think it is actually doing much for my headphones, I’m looking to move away from it.

I have a vmoda mic that goes with my travel headphones (Usually HD560S or Occassionally K702) so need a line in.
I stumbled across the Qudelix 5k which I’ve read supports inline mics on headphones.

Question is, Is it more powerful than the G3? Is there anything USB-C and small form factor that I should be considering?

I’ve also been recommended a ifi hip dac which I never considered before. Is there anything worth considering without a battery but small form factor?

Can’t find official info that the hipdac would support an inline mic.