Portable headphone equalizer

I own a pair of Dt 1990’s and, although they sound amazing raw, I have lots of EQ presets that I love running on them. Unfortunately I can’t listen to these EQ presets outside of my PC so I was wondering if there’s something that would let me do so. Thanks in advance.

Hmmm, you could get a dac amp combo that has a built in eq?

That’s not a bad idea because that way I could actually take them out of my house lol. I’ve never heard of such a thing though

I mean the fiio q5s has a built in eq setting mode that can be saved, but that is higher up there in price. I know the earstudio es100 has eq and stuff like that but imo I think you might want to go a bit higher quality

What EQ software?

In fairly non-noisy locations. Surprising how often the ambient noise even in my suburban backyard interferes with the music using DT 1990s.

Thanks, I’ll look into them.

Apo with peace gui. And yeah I meant taking them to my buddies to show them off lol

Not aware of any system-wide EQ software other than APO that reads APO files, let alone has enough capability to implement them, let alone on a portable platform. Perhaps there is a tablet computer that runs WIndows? Lacking that so far as I know you’re looking at a laptop.

If that isn’t a pricey-enough option, what I’ve been looking at from time to time is the Astell & Kern Kann. This is a portable digital audio player (DAP) with a built-in 20-band parametric equalizer. You’d have to re-input any presets you want to use. All recent Astell & Kern models have the same EQ app but most models are intended for less power-hungry headphones.

M0N has pointed out the existence of a 5-band PEQ DAP called the PAW Lotoo Gold. Both are expensive but are reportedly pretty far up there in sound quality. Most DAPs and smartphones have at most very elementary EQ.


Monolith by Monoprice Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology.
Amplifier has parametric eq and shelving eq.


was just going to add the Monoprice portable in here, 3 band parametric eq

This is more a technical note for the original poster. Reading the manual, it’s sort of a 5-band PEQ, except bands 1 and 5 are limited to being shelves, while bands 2, 3 and 4 are limited to peaking. There is no capability to save multiple EQs. There is just the one active EQ, period. Plus, there doesn’t seem to be any capability to disable that single EQ, other than manually setting everything back to 0.

No each band has its own menu with an on off setting, so you can set everything and turn each on or off as you please

Gotcha, thanks. I was looking for something to turn EQ on or off as a whole. Missed that there is an enable/disable associated with each band.

(Clearly, they’re trying to get the maximum use out of a very limited amount of memory space. I can see what they’ve come up with actually being very useful in many cases.)