Portable Hifi setup under $300

I’ve been using my headphones for the about a year now and realized that I often use them everywhere in the house. (A few months ago I did some research for a desk DAC and amp setup but I think I would like to use my headphones wherever I want so…) Any suggestions for a portable hifi setup under $300 that has Bluetooth so I can connect t to my phone? Btw I use the Beyerdynamic Custom Studio 80 ohm with my Xiaomi mi10t pro or my laptop (it’s just an average laptop).

I was thinking about the xd05 basic but I’ve seen others who buy individual dacs and amps and a battery back. They somehow managed to tie it all together and BOOM… a portable setup. (I prefer something more lightweight and less “huge” kinda like the size of the xd05 series or the hip dac but still with Bluetooth tho…

Thanks in advance for the people who’ll respond hehe

[If I asked this question in the wrong topic discussion plys do tell…i wasn’t really sure where to ask this hehe]

{I was going to research on my own but I’m aware that it’ll take very long…so I’ll just ask here to give me an “easier” time since there are a lot of people here who have been doing this audiophile hobby for quite a long time hehe}

(sorry if I wsnt too specific but…)
(and no I’m not going to buy items imma stick with my headphones)
I do want to use my beyerdyanmic headphones with a portable dac/amp and bring both with me wherever I go (school, around the house, and yeah…). The Bluetooth is important because I don’t want to whip out both a portable/dac amp and a phone at the same time; I just wanted the dac/amp to be inside my pocket or bag while my headphones are plug in it tho my phone will be connected wirelessly to the dac/amp.

tbh I mostly listen to mostly pop/indie and sometimes instrumentals (I will also be using this when I’m gaming on my ps4)

(btw I will most likely use Spotify or tidal for my music on the go and that’s just because I dont know where to download safe high res files for the music I like to listen to…)

two quick questions:

  1. any preferences if you want a IEM / On ear / Over ear
  2. What do you listen to mostly?

Your questions are a bit vague.

  • do you want to use the Beyer on the go or are the 300 bucks for a dacamp and an IEM?
  • do you want to walk around in the house or outside with it?
  • why is bluetooth from the phone to the dacamp so important to you? Imo, if you already have a cabled HP / IEM, the short cable to directly connect the amp to the phone really is of lesser importance … never really understood that.

If you want to use the Beyer, 300 bucks can buy you a used Chord Mojo. Now that is a HUGE step up from a phone for every headphone and a stupidly great foundation for future portable joys, you will get cravings for IEMs and better headphones.

Otherwise, please state your priorities, as @Naturallymorbid asked already.

If you want a Bluetooth DAC/amp, the Qudelix 5K is the best solution. More power and better software that’s more frequently updated than competitors, 10-band parametric EQ built in software, balanced and unbalanced inputs, LDAC and AAC codecs, all for $110.

Can’t beat it.

Is it better than the xd05 basic?

(thanks for that…I already edited what I said above)

(thanks for that…I already edited my answers for those questions above)

btw the chord mojo is expensive ( very much out of my budget) in my country hehe…

Don’t know. But it’s highly regarded.

oof ight I’ll reesarch more about it then…thanks for the suggestion!

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I don’t think you need much power for your headphones. 80ohm impedance and sensitivity 96dB/mW. The Qudelix 5k or Fiio BTR5 should both work fine. I use a BTR5 for portable listening and it’s great. No experience with Qudelix but it is well regarded by many. I think the xd05 may be overkill for your headphones, and definitely large for carrying around in your pocket.

I heard the xd05 basic “supports” a bigger soundstage compared to smaller dac/amps like the btr5…is this true? what do you mean by overkill? how is it overkill…? (someone in this forum recommend the l30/e30 dac and amp stack to me which was more powerful than the xd05 basic but they say that it would be able to “power” my headphones very well…if the xd05 basic is less powerful than that stack then how come its overkill…?

I mean overkill from a portable perspective. It’s bigger, heavier, and less pocketable. If the form factor works for your application then it’s definitely a good option. Things like a btr5 are very easy to walk with.

As far as power needs, I don’t think your cans need much, but I’ve not tried them so I can’t say for sure. I doubt that you need the power of a xd05 (or an L30). But try them out and return it or sell it if it’s not a good fit for you. The BTR5, Qudelix, and xd05 will resell easily.

ohhh ok then…thanks!