Portable Speakers?

So, I was wondering if there was such a thing as a good, plane, Bluetooth, small to medium size, speaker. I used to own a Portable Beatbox (Beats), but back then I didn’t know anything about sound. It was fairly big, but what I liked about it is that I could carry it around the house: to the bathroom, to the kitchen, and to the living room for parties. (Just in case I already own a pair of Yamaha’s Hs5 in my studio, so not looking for table speakers)

UE boom 3. great little device, I owned it and now own the Megaboom 3, its big brother. Brilliant sound, good bass, long battery and waterproof. What more do you need? I’ll link the products page but I suggest you get it from Amazon as it is cheaper. If this is too expensive, I suggest the boom 2, the predecessor to it, slightly quieter and not the current generation but thse are the only two real changes in design.


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If my old Denon Envaya Mini died, it’d be one big struggle to avoid getting its 2x larger sibling from the newer generation:

But if I somehow just didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a portable, I guess I’d try for a treble-modded Flip 4 or something:

This Marshall Stockwell II sounds pretty impressive and reaches very low, but it’s 2x the size compared to the DSB-250 (so 4x the old Mini), so it definitely wouldn’t be for me. (Also because it’s omnidirectional, and those tend to compromise on the sound quality one way or another - including the UEs, Divooms, even something as prestigious as the B&O Beoplay A1 when aimed up and listened to from the sides.)


I bought the Aukey Eclipse because of that guys ^^ video…wanted inexpensive but Decent. I didn’t know WTH he was saying but I could hear the music…ain’t waterproof and Not the Best But it was $60…I like it.

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We got a Monster Roam 2 for Pool Side - Not bad. Not Audiophilely but it ain’t that kind of speaker. WaterProof, Floats, Good Volume n Sound…
Sams Club has it On Sale $89…

So, Zeos had a video about this topic, it’s a bit outdated tho. Heres the video anyways. https://youtu.be/YG9t_WYo2iY

Still looking for the “Tin T2s” of bluetooth portables.

Z put out this unboxing video which is basically half a review, anyone try the Zamkol paired in stereo?

Thumbs up for Minirig

Yeah, I was looking for something that’s less than my monthly income lol