Portable/transportable daclifier

Just picked up a used-new to me E-mu Teak. Looking for a nice match on the dac/amp.
Looking in the $100 and no more than $200.

The usual suspects being:

Fiio Q1 mk2
Topping NX4
iFi nano BL
xDuoo xd-05

Anything else I should consider?

I did pick up the Radsone es100 during Prime day. It really does a very good job but looking to match the Teaks with a little more power.

Little Bear D4-X and Audioquest Dragonfly Red?

Thanks, checking out the reviews on these.

Just wanted to give a quick update. After a crap ton of reading, re-reading, watching reviews, scouring deals, mentally anguishing over pros and cons of each dac/amp, new vs. used and flip flopping like 20x (anyone familiar with this process), I ended up buying the Topping NX4. I’m pairing it with the es100 and it all works great. I basically use this as a portable rig to take to work and pack up every day. I had considered getting an all in one BT dac/amp like the Fiio Q5 but I ended up putting together a pretty good, flexible package for a good bit less which was the goal. I wasn’t looking for endgame portable/transportable performance, just something that had a lot of bang for the buck. And using either the es100 and/or the NX4 paired with the Teaks, I have to say it sounds pretty damn good.

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