Positioning amp and dac on desk

Hi, I have recently updated my sound system for my desktop HIFI speakers
current configuration:
Speakers: B&W 601 S2
Amp: Naim Nait 5
I don’t have the largest room, give or take 3mX3m so i need to be careful about placement. For 90% of usage i will be sitting in my desk chair so speakers on desk (probably…) is essential.
As shown in pictures my second monitor is above both DAC and amp even the slightest jolt would knock it off which will not be permanently workable
I have just received my DAC which is quite large (in perspective), as you can see. I have shelves above my desk but i have read online that it is not good to leave equipment on non-dense elevated shelving, I am aware that you shouldn’t really stack them but for now, i don’t really have an alternative solution.
If i were to put amp and DAC on the shelves, the Naim is too wide to fit into the shelves so would have to go on the top, but i have a remote so would not be too problematic, will the fact that its positioned to the right of the speakers cause an issue?
How would you suggest i place them to best utilise the space i have?
Any and all advice is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance
I am quite new to audiophilia so excuse my newbie statements if there are any!
Thanks again

get a dual monitor stand if they can be vesa mounted


if they can’t be, get a monitor riser and put the amp and dac below it.


edit: i dont think moving 1 speaker off of the desk will free up enough real estate. and you cant move the right one, there is a wall. it will tidy up the desk best i think with a riser or stand. wont feel as cramped up either =)

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Monitor stand and speaker stands, IMO. This is my setup. The monitor is a 34 inch ultrawide, the speaker stands are from Soundrise, and the monitor stand is from Amazon, the legs can be extended up to about 12". I’ll send you links if you’re interested in either.


Quick question, how attached are you to the desk? you could add quite a bit of space optimized desk. Personally i use the Ikea countertop as a desk (lot of folks nowadays) with furniture legs lifting the countertop about 12cm , giving me enough space to put my amp and dac ( in the space between.
You could also use two of these

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if you’re not jacking into the gear for headphones, why not get something like a CPU stand and put them on the floor beside your tower?