I recently ordered bl05s , and I’ve noticed that the right side is noticeably louder than the left one , I did some research on the internet and tried all the tips but nothing worked , could they be defective ?
I switched the sides and still the right earbud is louder so the problem isn’t with my ears , I tried them on a different device and problem still persists, I tried cleaning them but they were already clean ,I changed the sound balance in the settings and that’s where I confirmed that they were defective ; when I pushed the slider all the way to the right is was noticeably louder than pushing to the left , I checked the cable and I took really good care of them since I got them
I contacted linsoul about this and they still haven’t replied and I’ve heard that their customer support is mediocre
If anyone can help with this or give any advice that would be greatly appreciated !

Might be cable if swapping them kept the right side louder

A few things:

(before anything, set your sound to mono)

First, swap the left/right cables on the IEM body. See if that is different.

Second, as normal, swap the IEMs between your ears. If the imbalance persists on whatever troubled side, then it’s that side. But if it persists on your ears alone, then it’s your ears.

Third, try different sized eartips–independent of each side. It’s common that one ear might want one size, the other wants another size. And of course, if you have ol’ reliable eartips that worked great for you with other IEMs, use those.

I’ve already swapped the IEMs between my ears and the problem is with the IEMs so I don’t think changing the tips would make a difference

If you ruled out cable, don’t think there’s anything else you can do.

Long shot would be humidity/moisture. Put them on silica bags over night

I’ve had this problem on mine. I read online it’s a polarity issue with the cable. So if you flip the cable on the defective side it should sound how it should (but now the ear hook is upside down lol).
I switched cable and now it works great.
Time to get a new cable

I’ll try a new cable and see if the problem is fixed , so they are not defective ? Do you think I should get a replacement or not ?

Have you tried plugging in right cable into left monitor, and vice versa?

I’ll try it right now and update you

Even swapping the cable didn’t solve the oroblem , But now the right side is quieter than the left one does that mean that the problem is with the cable and not with the monitors ?

Bu the thing is that the right side is technically the left IEM since I swapped the cable , so the left IEM is still quieter than the right one so maybe the problem is with the IEMs ?

If volume changed from left to right, problem is with the cable. Dont you have any other cable to try?

I currently don’t have another cable but I’m ordering one , but during this time it can exceed the 7 days period for defective items on linsoul and I’ll have to pay the shipping for it

Do you have any idea about linsoul support working days , do they work on Saturday and Sunday ? I’ve researched and didn’t found any information except that they will respond to your message in 3 working days

They only work on weekdays.

Reach deng on their discord, she’s a godess.

Let me just try onr last time. If you plug the exact same direction the pins of the right cable on the left monitor, changes sound?

Yes I tried it , the right iem is still louder than the left one

If the monitor sound is still the same, the problem is with the monitor itself.

If the sound have kept the same side, it would have been the cable.

Talk to linsoul, im sure they will take care of you :slight_smile:

I’ll contact them , thanks