Post your crazy system here

Z always says he is crazy, but some you you haven’t even begin to see insane is the block diagram of my signal pat


i counted all my xlr cables in use; the total is 21 runs. Can someone top that?
edit: can more peaple top it???


Yes, but I don’t have a fancy diagram to do so lol, but you can check out my desk 1 setup listed on my profile where I at the moment have a switcher setup where I can switch between 6 dacs and 17 headphone amps (subject to change as things move though lol). Sometimes I do have to go from a switcher into a switcher into a switcher into a switcher which isn’t ideal but because of the short runs of cable and quality switches and xlr cables I have been able to mitigate loss. 4 of those headphone amps then have speaker outs which I route into a speaker switcher where I can then switch it to two pairs of speakers. All with 0 ground loops or issues like that lol (which I’m shocked). Perhaps when I get the time tonight I will make a diagram lol

Not going to get into my studio signal chain because that one’s a mess lol, and other setups like my living room and desk 2 are much more simple lol


are you saying you can switch between 17 different amps without unplugging anything?

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That is correct, it was my dream from the start. I have to select which dac I like and then which amp and it’s off to the races. All I need to do is plug in the headphones themselves.

I will make a diagram when I get time


diagram will be very interesting to see :smile:

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Infact, you have enough gear that if you had a youtube channel it could be really cool to see a tour of your setup, kinda like Zeos’ hall of fame videos.

I would buy a ticket to sit at that desk for an hour. If times get tough, keep it in mind! :wink:


Once I get out of this restrictive job I would really enjoy having anyone over who would want to visit, would be a great time


Isn’t that just life? Job pays for hobbies, can’t enjoy hobbies as much as you’d like because of job. Lol.


Work pays the bills lol. When I transition to mastering as a full career that will be so nice (hopefully)

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why do you have two ENGO2 Pro DAC wheezs?

it is so that i can DSP correct the speakers to the subs and to the room.

i see that you have not seen the second mini DSP that was tricky to get going on the same pc. im writing a post about that right now

Final EDIT: Just check profile

Another EDIT: it changed again lol, check comments below

EDIT: More up to date versions added here, see below posts for more info, made changes after looking what could be done regarding my dacs and cleaned up the diagram a bit

Initial post:

Yes I took a screenshot of a google drive document, yes I’m sorry it wouldn’t download correctly lol.

This is pretty much how it’s set up, there are a few point where the system becomes unbalanced, mainly where the decware zsb connects since it’s all unbalanced amps so it becomes unbalanced when you see the ZSBs. It also becomes unbalanced when connecting to the bakoon amp, otherwise all balanced.

Everything regarding electronics is also connected to a ps audio power plant 20.

The darker blue are switchers. The usb to aes converters are because 2 of those dacs are AES only. The d1 driver is made to amplify the lower level signals off the d1-direct if you are wondering what that is. The 4 amps going to the mapletree switch are coming from the speaker outs of the 4 headphone amps (well kinda)

Also yes having that many dacs connected to my pc makes me go through driver hell daily

I have only added my audio setup, no other signal chains

Edit for the whateverist time: It’s already out of date, just check my profile for current, it’s gotten far dumber


what is the dollar value of that crazy system, M0N?

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I would rather not like to think about it lol, better to forget my poor financial decisions and instead drown them out with the music


low, mid or high 5 digits? low, mid or high 6 digits?

edit - also, what did you use to make that chart?

Google drawings lol

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You need to make room for a THX amp. :rofl:


That would be for a future toilet setup


i used google docs drawing tool.

my system barely makes 5 digits )=

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