Power Amp before Speakers

So I was thinking about buying new speakers but now I’ve decided to get a power amp first. I have Triangle BR03’s and I’ll eventually be moving up the Triangle product line (Comete EZ will be my next purchase). I’d like a bare bones power amp to pair with a Schiit Freya+ and I’d like it to have a balance signature. Budget around 2K CAD.

Signature aside, because I’m unfamiliar, I’ve been considering:
-Parasound Halo A23+ (or used A21 but hard to find atm at least in Canada)
-PS Audio Stellar S300
-Rotel RB-1582 MkII
-Used Bryston (but proving difficult to find in a condition I can live with)

Any advise or experience will be helpful. Thanks.

This would be what I would personally go with imo

This is also very nice

Personally I would pass on the new rotel amps, I can’t say they offer as good of a value as they used to

While I like this amp, I think that it tends to not pair well outside the ps audio ecosystem, but it is a nice amp

I would mention more but I really don’t know what you can actually get in canada for used tbh

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Okay awesome this narrows it down a bit. I would love to find a Bryston in good shape so I’ll probably always have an eye on these… is it the balanced sound I’m looking for? It’s really a big factor in which one of these takes lead.

As for the Parasound I’ve heard/read they tend to slightly warm? If its slight I’m okay with it but the Triangles tend to not need help with bass ime.

For other stuff yes it’s difficult lol I know there’s a ton of vintage power amps to choose from as well. I don’t want to go down a rabbit hole and have a stack of power amps in the corner lol. Just one with a balance sound.

I think bryston has always had a more balanced sound imo

Yes slightly warmer

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Looks like I can get a pretty good deal from a dealer on an A23+… m0n I see you own an A21 but do you have any thoughts on the A23+?

I used to have an a23+, it’s a pretty great amp imo, not as high preforming as the 21+ but it’s pretty worth imo

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Okay right on… this price is right inline with what I’d like to spend so I’ll likely be picking it up then… thanks for the feedback :beers:

Studio Economik in montreal sells used and new pro version their cubed bryston amps


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Thanks for this. Their stuff looks really nice just a bit beyond what I’d like to spend unfortunately. Fingers crosssd I like the Parasound sound lol

https://vinylsound.ca/ Vinyl sound is ready to make deals if you’re in the market for anything. Got a pretty good deal on the A23+ :ok_hand: (if I remember correctly you’re in Canada)

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Yep. In Ontario. Was gonna recommend check out Audio Connexion (an equipment offshoot of Parts Connexion) as they have parasound stuff too, but I see you already bought it lol
posting the link here for anyone who is interested and also canadian

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There’s a used Bryston on USAM. I’ll PM you the link.

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That’s a pretty sweet deal that I doubt will last long lol thanks for the pm and thus the first crack at it but I’m happy with my purchase :+1: you should throw that in the audio deals thread though

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Not my listing, I should have said. I was looking at power amps earlier then saw your thread.:grin:

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I wasn’t under the impression it was lol but still, thanks :beers:

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Those Triangle look like a reasonably easy load to drive, eight ohm, moderate sensitivity. Maybe focus more on quality of power than quantity. The Schitt Aegir has a class A section that should be pretty much distortion free, and if you decided later that you need more dynamic headroom you could monoblock a pair of them.

@donjklassen you are currently using a a-s2100 right? Curious to see what you think vs the parasound

I hear ya. The Parasound is a high bias class A as well. It was something that factored into seeking out and researching the amps I listed.

Yup that’s right. I’m curious as well. There’s something about the Yamaha that I’m always fighting with. Freya+ helped the mids which I find a little dry without the tubes helping but it’s still not where I want it. Just time to try something different.

hey… a lil off topic here.
Did you listen to the Comete? I am asking because I have them and and they arent going LOW that much.
The soundsignature is exactly what i want for the most time, but the lack of audible and punching into the stomach low bass has to be taken into consideration. Dont get me wrong, they do bass… but not low as fuck bass. Except when i play Massive Attack - Angel from vinyl… somehow they go abyss exploring then.

Other than that they are a fucking jewel. Clarity, musicality, stage… aaaaawwwwwww!
Or how Zeos would say it:

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I haven’t heard them but I wouldn’t expect any bookshelf to dig down too far… I do have a small room however so bass on the br03’s has been sufficient for me and sub bass also isn’t a high priority… my music room is modest in size and budget so I’m slowly finding gear that suits me and is ‘good enough’ to be a relaxing place to enjoy music… I’ll try the ez’s eventually mainly because I really enjoy the br03’s… unfortunately I have to build these things in my head based on things I read and watch and hope for the best.

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