Power amp guidance needed!

I am in the midst of beefing up my home theatre set up. Currently im running 5.1 but am going to run 5.2 in the near future. I have jbl 530s as fronts, polk rti6’s as rears and a polk csi3 for a center. This is all happening with a denon avr-s760h.

The jbls are the new addition to the family, they sound amazing, however it is noticeable that they are running a bit weak. Does anyone have amy modest suggestions on a power amplifier or even another route to go to supplement mybpower needs.

My thoights were to run additional power to support LCR.

So eager to hear any offerrings!

The AVR 760h doesn’t have pre outs for an external power amp.
You would need a new receiver with at least 2 speaker pre outs (or a receiver that already has enough power).
Setting a crossover for the JBL also helps reducing their power demands

Just to be clear.
5.1 and 5.2 difference is that you would add new subwoofer.

After the first . dot and * = amount of subs.
So what are you actually doing?

Thank you very much for the response. In my blinded stupidity, when i purchased the s760h i did not realize it didnt have front pre-out capability.
Bummed, but i only paid 200 for the avr.