Power Cable Length Annoyance

I will start this rant/question by stating this; I simply am not aware of the reason for it, but I am god damn annoyed by how short audiophile power cables are.

How the fuck am I supposed to put a subwoofer in the right place in my room with a 5 foot fucking power cable?? Did someone on the engineering team forget the jillion fucking miles through buttfuck cow-town nowhere and big-ass-cityville it took the power to get to my house from the fucking POWER PLANT???

I am infuriated by power cable length to say the least. I have no clue what the point of making them so short is. Multiple linked together definitely can’t make it better, and it’s not like the goddamn cables IN THE WALL I’m looking at are shorter than the chode power cable that is supposed to flop around attached to plug coming out of it.

Hopefully I don’t look like too much of a donut in this thread, take your time correcting me below!

Maybe just forget about the non-sense audiophile cables and actually buy a power cable with length you need? Longest i use are 50ft and few in 30ft and many many 16ft cables. Much thicker core than normal cables cause the extra length so “more good” power. :slight_smile:


I see people talking about major improvement when changing power cables on subwoofers, this being my main desire to buy large gauge high quality “audiophile” cables for them. This is a perfect example of something I plan to use that definitely pisses me off; AmazonSmile: Pangea Audio AC-14 Powercord (2 Meter): Electronics

(cable upgrade intended for rythmik L12)

I would not take peoples talks on interweebs so seriously about power cables in generally, specifically with subs since the very best of audio brands with the most detailed sounding sub’s in the world.
Use a regular, standard power cable. No nonsense.
If the subs (amp) are garbage from start and audio power cables change make differences…that not the way.

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I can believe that, I kinda wanna see a “dinky” power cable on a zillion dollar system if you have any links tho lol

Of course in a zillion dollar systems all the cables are hidden or have good cable management. :wink:
But since you asked.

You can just see the end of “dinky” cable, near the sub.

Also. White “dinky” cables with nice cable management. Up down, all around.

If you want, you can look more with google search. The previous ones took maybe minute.

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-And the dinky reveals itself to the audiophile monsters! IT IS NOT AFRAID! IT FEARS NOTHING!

removes upgraded power cables from sound setup lists

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