Power Conditioners for better sound

Ok so ive been looking at these power conditioners. i heard they can improve the sound i get through my headphones. What do you guys think about this? is this more for speaker systems? I have a pretty nice power strip surge protector is that good enough? should i get a cheap power conditioner or a more expensive one? can i plug the conditioner into my power surge? I found a couple of cheap ones here:

heres a site reviewing power conditioners:

They usually are for protecting your system / gear against power changes.

Fixing the apartments/house’s electrics for today’s standards might actual have a benefit for everything, including sound issues.

  • the protection is plus with that.

I also hear a pinch of moon dust on top the audio gear improves the sound.
Like a pinch of salt on food.


where would you buy this moon dust? is it expensive? :robot:


Something or anything like these…

Price (per piece): $2,000 USD

Remember to use them on every equipment.
Actual moon dust might be 100x more expensive since it’s much harder to get but 100x better audio. Worth the price.

ah i see! actually those ingredients dont seem hard to get. maybe i can make one myself! :smirk_cat:

Power conditioners and Line Interactive UPSs make sense when you have cracks and hiss when you switch loads or aging PSUs in devices.

Unless grid voltage in your home varies a lot, I would not bother.

About them mystical and ancient rocks.
Some Asian figure… thingy and actual volcano lava rock from Iceland.

They look nice if nothing else?
Could say they truly enhance audio experience with value of 50k or more.
Much better than the Obscurum :upside_down_face:

Power conditioning is probably more beneficial to a good headphone setup than a speaker setup. Headphones tend to be way more analytical than all but the best loudspeaker systems and the variations in sound waves bouncing around most rooms will hide a lot of the super fine detail. Either way, it is better for your electronic components to get a clean, steady voltage. A conditioner will deliver a clean sine wave to your equipment, keep the voltage steady and will often remove hum from the power. This is not the same as a surge protector, even though they will sometimes have some power filtering. I see power conditioners at my Goodwill all the time. I picked up a Panamax 5300 for like $20. An added benefit is that I can turn all of my gear on or off with one button and turns on my amps last and off first to avoid power thumps.

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I notice no improvement in sound whatsoever. I get convenience and the ability to monitor voltage and amperage draw from my power block thingy. I have a new outlet i need to install and i am pulling power from a dedicated 20 amp receptacle, so not really much more i could do to protect my equipment and provide fairly clean current. Good luck.

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