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Looking at the Furman PST-8. A lot of people swear by them, especially professionals. Do you use any such products?

Furman Power Conditioner (SS6B)

I own I think … 6 or 7 of these… they are wonderful… believe it or not with gain on my solid state I can actually hear a difference when nothing is playing and volume is 100%… no buzz or hum … no nothing… wonderful.

I plug the source… (pc) … dac… amp… everything… into these babies… they are only 33.49 right now on amazon… lol funny thing I was going to order another just now… if you are looking at a serious stereo system I got one of the PST-8 or 6… and be done. :slight_smile:

My original sign in name is AtticSlob… but… sadly… there’s a limit on how much you can post daily… I sent a PM to the Zeos… it’s whatever.

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Thanks. It looks like I’ll be adding some of these.

I personally don’t use any at home, but for all of my commercial installations I use APC G types. They’re pretty much the industry standard, but may be overkill for a home environment.

I’ve had a few save some valuable equipment, and they definitely keep noise to a minimum in an environment where everything is stacked on top of each other in metal racks.

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Personally I’m just not sure I’m at the level where these. I do the vast majority of listening on my D70/A90 combo and I’ve never heard a hum or buzz. That said when my 3D printer in the same room is running my LED bulbs flicker. . .gonna pull the trigger on one for $33

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