Powered speakers for Bedroom

After watching your reviews I badly need to replace my little Polk sound bar in my bedroom. I want to use powered speakers so I can listen to music as well as use it for my TV. It is a less than ideal situation as the wall the TV is on there is a wall unit with a desktop that runs the length of the wall that speakers will sit on . They will about 2 feet out from the back wall still but won’t. Be on stands. It works well as it places then a t right height for the bed.
Which speakers would be best to use for this? I have no issue using a sub, but if the Swan M3a”s would work I’d be happy too. Just concerned they might need more room from the back wall, I don’t care if it’s the Swans, Edifiers, Klipsch , Vanatoo , ets, just want what will perform best for TV and music.

I have Edifier s3000 pros in my bedroom and they sound great. I have them on the matching stands, they look classy. Wife even likes them.