Powered Speakers for Desktop use (<500$)

I have a pair Audio Monitor MR 2 and an Advance Acoustic MAP 105 Amp that I don’t really use as much anymore mostly because it doesn’t fit in my desk where I spend most of the time. Also I have an Audio Engine D1 DAC.

So I was thinking of maybe selling the speakers (maybe the amp too) and getting powered Speakers but since I have no way of comparing products I need your help finding a product that will replace my current setup.

What I’m looking for:
Small form factor (Desktop use)
I don’t usually stick to one genre but if anything I want speakers that do well with jazz and/or metal music. Something that is fast and fun to listen to.
While not imperative if there are options with bluetooth that would be a nice bonus.
Realistically 400$/€ is the most I can spend
EDIT: Forgot to mention. The reason I am pondering keeping the amp is I have a turntable that I want to keep and build a setup for in the future so If I could get some speakers that can get connected to the turntable that would be a nice bonus.

I was looking into the Kanto yu6 but they are almost 500€ (with shipping) here and thats a bit too high for me. (same for the Audio Engine A5+). Tho, would you recommend these if I found a better price?

Also saw the edifier s1000db but they’re too big.

You might want to take a look at this thread.

You confused the hell out of me using the greater than symbol instead of the less than. LOL

I am looking at that thread but since that guy didnt mention a DAC I wanted to see if that would influence the suggestions. Also I edited to include the use with a turntable that doesn’t have a preamp.

damn it, sry. Corrected

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You could still use that dac, as long as you are fine with using RCA, with a inline volume controller(about 30-70€ish) and you can also find them in XLR.

A few examples.
The one that I’m using: https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/preamplifier-and-volume-control/passive-rca-preamplifier-analog-volume-control-alps-rk27-p-14295.html

XLR one: https://www.thomann.de/intl/ee/tc_electronic_level_pilot.htm

If I have a powered Speaker I still need to buy that to use with the D1? I can’t just connect it to the Speakers?
Or you mean with the turntable?

You can, but you can’t control the volume if you go for speakers that don’t have volume controls in the front.