Powered speakers under $100 for small room desk

Looking for decent powered speakers (RCA in) for my desk. Under $100, I do not mind buying used gear.

Room size is about 9x12, speakers will be right up against wall due to lack of space. Mainly listen to classic rock and metal at medium to low volume. I prefer a fun speaker for this setup.

A few speakers I am looking at are the Edifier R980T, Presonus Eris E3.5, and Mackie Studio 3 inch.


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So actually, Klipsch makes a really nice sound system for the price. It is called the ProMedia 2.1 THX certified I believe. It is a little over 100 but you’re also getting a nice sub included too, and it is all self powered. Pretty good bargain.


If they really go right against the back wall. Might be better to look front ported speakers.
There is risk that they will be too bass heavy / or even boomy.

If he’s looking for something fun then the Klipsch system is great for the price. I think the system can be found used too but not entirely sure. It’s a great starter.

Edifier has some very good options for that price. Edifier-R1280T for $100 and Edifier R1700BT for a bit more. They are both very good options, plus front ported if you gonna have them right against the wall