Powered Sub on HTIB?

trying to figure out if I could replace the Passive sub on Samsung HTIB with a powerd sub . Isuue is it has speakers wire outputs only - even for the passive sub. The mains are crossover 120 Hz n Up so running High Inputs on Powered sub then to speakers - Bass is Already crossed over/out. The sub Output is 120 or 160 hz and Lower and only a single channel/speaker wire. Thought about a line out adapter (speaker wire to rca) then a splitter.? i don’t have a powered sub to try it and don’t wanna buy 1 just to find out it won’t work…

Nobody has an thoughts on this.?

Update : Works just fine Using the high level inputs. I have a single pair of speaker wires coming from the Samsung HTIB into the right high-level speaker input - works Great. Decided I needed another sub -ordered another Micca MS 10 - just ran it off of the high level output of the first one - so I have 2 Micca MS10 powered subwoofers daisy chained on a home theater in a box…:wink:

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