POWERING on/off multiple powered speakers + Mackie question

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Another Solution for powering on studio monitors / power speakers

Hello everyone I Just wanted to leave this link to an item I’ve been using for some time by Tripplite (company)- to power on/off my Mackie’s. I plan to do a 5 channel surround setup(but still deciding on if to SKIP center channel for PC Setup), but for now I have 2 Mackie speakers. Here is the TMC-6:


There are 4 switches on the front but according to the box one of the outlets(*non-switch controlled) is controlled by the master also. so essentially I Could switch on/off 5 channel setup.

So my question is about the gain / volume on the back of the MR824 and MR - LINE of speakers, is it true you can run them on max (on the back) no problem? - I’m very new to pro / studio monitors.
… I did watch most of but don’t remember the whole video on the 6inch model, - Zeos left his on max. I’ve been running mine like this.

let me know what you think about the TMC-6

That is one way of doing it.
I might be ultimate lazy bumm but i just use remote power plugs. :smile: the true audioholic way… or was it not the way?
Anyways. Simple 4 button (actually 8 button. Left side is ON / right side is OFF) remote control that control various power outlets. *(Actually the same single remote can control numerous plugs and numerous devices, even separately if wanted.)

  1. Button turns on 2 x subwoofers and main speakers for 2.2 stereo listening.
  2. Button turns on the surround. 7 channels or monitors more.
  3. Button turns the actual TV speakers on for every day use.

Could also program/change everything to turn on automatically but for some reason, i just really want to fully turn off the speakers when i am not using them. It’s just a thing. Also a little safety feature that none else really knows how to make things go and that ain’t the only thing. :wink:

Might sound complicated but for this crazy setup it’s only 3 buttons for the 2.2 main stereo use, 4 buttons for surround use and only 3 buttons for TV use to make things go and sound to come out.

hey, do you mind linking the one you use, or, if not a similar one to get an idea? amazon maybe?

I’m just curious, I’ve seen remote ones on amazon basically a outlet/plug that plugs into the main plug then you plug the device/whatever into that and the remote controls the power going to it… something like that…

I kinda like the one I use for this desk setup. it’s currently on the back left corner of my table-desk.

There are few dozen different ones but this is one of them. We have a bit different ones here but the idea should be the same.

So basically you have “dummy” outlets. By clicking the pairing button on outlet and then on the actual remote “1” it comes number 1. Then going to the next one and doing the same thing. Then 2 power outlets turn on / off when hitting “1” and so on.
They have some limitations that they should not be used very close to each other. At least the ones i have work. Two of them have distance like 4" / 10cm between them, other one being “2” and other “3” so they do not turn on at the same time. Bad ones might turn off / on at the same time or might not work at all.
The rest are all over the room so no problem.

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