Pre-amp for 400ish


Was gonna buy the Schiit Saga+, but now its out of stock in europe/uk Schiit stores.

Any other options for similar price? Does not have to be with a tube, but can be. The power amp is IOTAVX PA3.

2x RCA inputs needed, DAC not important, 2x outputs, phono would be a plus - but not required


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So I’ve been using a JDS LABS atom amp with my emotiva power amp and it’s been sounding really good, you might want to consider something like that ie: headphone amp with pre outs. I was using my darkvoice tube amp with the emotiva and that Sounded good but the low end was not as clean as with the atom amp. I also was using an old Denon 2 channel with the emotiva hooked up to it and that sounded fine too. And it had plenty inputs with a phono pre built in. I wasn’t disappointed in any of them.

I wanna remote too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bahaha yes…well Schitt saga it is! Lol

I’ve heard good things about parasound but not sure on the remote

tbh I could also go with a DAC upgrade if it has enough outputs and a good volume control wiht remote.

Damn, why cant this have volume control :confused: Price is a “stretch” ofc :smiley:

Parasound Zpre 3 is an option, yes.

I could go with some Chinese stuff too.