Preamp For sm7b? Help Please

Hey, everybody. I have a question.

I looking to improvemy sound without spending more than budget allows. I want buy preamp for my shure Sm7b. I known, Preamplifiers make a significant difference, but still, I don’t want to overpay.

I’ve already looked at some options:

Art Tube MPSTV3
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Could you give me some advice? What to choose for me?
Maybe you have some kind of preamplifier and you can write its name?

How much are you actually looking to spend? And do you already have an audio interface?

Well it depends. Do you have an interface? Maybe go with a cloudlifter or the preamp im using, the dbx 186s with compression, de esser, expander/noise gate and so on. Wonderful unit. If u dont have an interface already. Maybe just go with a Helicon go xlr mini. It got the same preamp as its bigger brother except it doesnt have the voice changer and stuff. But its a lovely interface/mixer for the price

if your looking for an audio interface the ssl2 is pretty good. you wont need a cloud lifter with this and its not to expensive

I use my Shure SM7b with the Motu M4 and/or the Zoom H8 plus a Thomann FetAmp

both give me good results in Streams and Meetings