Preferred Argon mk3 pads

I’m treble sensitive, heard the protein pads are fairly sweaty/uncomfortable and give you 8-10k peaks which might or might not be desired, might actually improve treble on these bass focused headphones.

As for lambskin, these are supposed to be the most comfortable but have a less tight bass, not sure I’m a big fan of it.

Cowhide seems the best for me since it improves the bass with laidback highs, but not a lot of people have recommended them so I’m curious; Do these pads have any downside like their comfort or them being too sweaty?

Not a lot on the web about what the ZMF Eikon pads are, or how they sound. If these are suede I might prefer that unless it compromises sound too much.

Any input would be appreciated.

I have the AKG foam disks for the K-270/271’s in my T50RPs. Helps with the highs.

No idea how the pads you mention change the sound.

All the pads I mentioned are the ZMF pads that you can order with the argons, probably should have specified.

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