PreSonus Temblor T8-

Hello all. Has anybody had any experience with the Temblor T8? It’s the right price and demensions for my living room 2.1 setup.

For that matter is the Presonus brand a good brand? The last time I shopped subwoofers was 1998, lol.

Thanks, all!!

I should also say that I am pairing it with Focal Aria 908 bookshelfs in a den that is 21ft X 18 ft (8’ ceiling). I prefer tight, controlled bass over a thump or slam, and generally prefer an neutral tonal balance overall. This is probably why I’ve been looking at studio monitor subs.

I’ve not heard of them before but 100w RMS isn’t a lot of power for a downwards firing sub, are you on carpet? It might loose some oomph. Check out Definitive Technologies ProSub 800 currently on sale on Amazon US for cheaper and 300w RMS power. Awesome sub and you can always limit but has the power for when you’d want it.

Front firing for your room dimensions can be nicer too so it can be more punchy when angled towards you. Pretty large room and can direct the sound better to where you want it.

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