Pretty new to all of this need some help deciding which headphones to buy

Hello i need some help deciding what to get. I live in Turkey and most headphones are pretty overpriced here and if i wanted to import the headphones that also might cost tons of money as they tax those heavily as well.

My budget is about 60$ (might pay about 20-30 more if i can find something that’s worth it)
I have found a few headphones that are actually pretty close to the normal prices those are Superlux hd681 for 37$ Samson SR850 for 48$
and Takstar pro 82 that are being sold used from someone that i can trust for 55$.

I wanted to get a shp9500 or a koss porta pro first but both of those are well above what they should be 180$ for shp9500 and 60$ for the koss.

So should I go for one of those 3 or do you guys have any recommendations that i might be able to find for a decent price. Thanks in advance.

I can’t make any suggestions for your price point, but take a look at what used market you can access as a lot of higher priced / quality headphones may be in budget.

Sadly the used market isn’t really that big here so it’s pretty hard for me to find stuff. Thank you for your help though.

does this work?ık-116150/dp/B01M7Z0VKR/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_tr_TR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=monoprice+retro&qid=1617055040&sr=8-1

you could upgrade with different pads, i think brainwavz is available in turkey

edit: damn they can’t be shipped, sry

What do you listen to and what will you plug them into?

They can be shipped but they come for 105$ so yeah pretty bad deal sadly.

just checked some prices… gosh…
is it possible for you to order on aliexpress without paying tons of taxes/shipping?

I usually listen to indie and some classical time to time. I will just use my phone and my laptop. Though i might get an amp and a dac later on in the future.

Afaik import tax on headphones are like 40%. But you never know how much the dude working at customs will charge you for it.

Is isolating noise from the outside, or your noise to the outside important?
I ask because if it is, then you should probably go with the closed-back option (Takstar).
(Also: is Monoprice ModernRetro available to you?)

If you get one of these and like the sound well enough, keep the thought of a pad-swap in your head. Can dramatically help comfort (and sound)

So i found out that some stores let you pay the tax in checkout if i can find a store that will let me pay the tax in front for the shp9500 i might just get that thank you for reminding me about aliexpress.

Nope it isn’t I’ll be using my earbuds to listen to music while outside so the headphones will only be used in my home.

Nope the only place that the monoprices are sold is turkish amazon and they are selling them for 105$.

Yeah, will most likely get new pads especially if i buy the samson or the superlux ones as their pads are just straight up awful.

Thank you for your help btw.

It seems as if treble is a common complaint across both units.
I do think that EQ would be advantageous.
At this level, even experimenting with “tissue mods” and pad-rolling may help massively.

Because I’d have to look at them, I would buy the Samson SR850 in your position.
Keep you eyes open for used-market opportunities while you play with them and enjoy.
Figure out what you think they do well, do poorly and what you’d like different when the time comes to upgrade.

Sorry for the late reply.

Yep both of them have sharp treble i will most likely get better pads and use eq and hope that it will fix the issue.

However i am not really in a rush to buy them as i got some things going on right now in the meantime I’ll try and make my budget higher and try to find some good used deals.

I also wanted to ask what you think about the takstars i kinda want to try open backs but if the takstars are better i might just buy them instead.

Man if you don’t go for the Porta pro’s or KPH30iw??? then for that $60-100 price point IEM’s are pretty much gonna piss allover the other HP options tbh.


I kinda want to use them for gaming too that’s why I wanted headphones I’ll keep that in mind though thank you.

IEM’s might not have as good of a soundstage as headphones, but the imaging shouldn’t be impacted, which is what you would want for gaming. In the $60-100 market, IEM’s obliterate headphones to be perfectly honest.