Pretty new to this headphone stuff,want help figuring what to explore

I’ve recently started dipping my feet into this hobby and I wans some suggestions to make a list of possible next ones to get.

Headphones i own

  • Sennheiser hd579
  • ATH-AD1000X (Just got it a couple weeks ago)
    Had 3 sonys before, don’t remember which ones though

I had the 579 for almost 2 years and really liked it, but after getting the 1000x I realized how much of a difference they make. The 1000x is amazing, but feels a bit harsh for some songs (i’m not sure but maybe the highs?)

I also got the JDSlabs atom and topping D10 thinking the 1000x would need it.

I’m thinking of getting another 1, maybe 2 this year and some that I’m considering now are;
-DT770 although i’m not too sure about nondetachable cables
Both I have now are open so probably closed next

Curious about the massdrop stuff so maybe after that

Definitely want to try at least one planer sometime, also want to try some nice bass heavy heaphones.
I don’t want to get stuff too expensive just yet so I am thinking of exploring different ones $300 tops.

The 58x would be a large improvement over the m40x and the DT770, so I would definitely check that out for sure. They are warmer and not harsh, also more relaxed than the AD1000x, along with more bass.

Edit: also if you wanted an affordable planar, the HE4xx is a really good entry into planars. If you wanted a little more, you could step up to the HE560 (would only recommend the v1 that has wood veneer) or the sundara

Edit 2: The audioquest nighthawk carbon is a great warm and bassy semi open to check out as well

Edit 3: the meze 99 neo/noir are also a very bassy headphone, kinda like beats tuning

Also the AD1000x has emphasized highs so that might be why it sometimes sounds harsh

Thank for the suggestions!

I definitely want to get the hd58x soon, but I’m going to be moving back to dorms soon so I want to get a closed back before, the mess 99s look nice so I will definitely check some reviews.

I also would want to try a beyerdynamic headphone. I see the 1990 is popular but don’t want to spend that much just yet. Which ones would you recommend?

For the he4xx, I was considering it but i read some people found issues with quality control and build quality so was a bit hesitant.

I watched zeos’ review of the nighthawk and am a bit interested. Will definitely try them at a store.

For beyers the 1990 is great, but if you wanted something cheaper, the dt880 600ohm is a great choice. The closed 770 250ohm is good as well, but I personally like the 880 600ohm more. You might want to also check out the massdrop dt177x go, which is just the 1770 with lower impedance.

Also hifiman in general has low qc, but the 4xx is built better than their own lower end headphones tbh. The main issues with hifiman has been their headband and drivers, and that has been much less prominent on the 4xx since they use a different headband and pay more attention to the qc

it’s nice to hear the 4xx build isn’t that bad, I would definitely consider getting it soon.

The meze 99s look really nice, but i’m not sure if I want to get a bass heavy can first,
I don’t have any other closed backs so I was thinking of starting with a bit more of an all-rounder for some gaming, anime, movies, and just some general use so I don’t bother my roommate.
Are there any closed backs you would recommend?

Cooler master mh751 is very balanced and super comfortable (removable mic), and the m40x is nice after you padswap them. The dt770 is also pretty good. The nighthawk would be the most interesting sound and are also comfortable

Do the nighthawks not leak sound? I’ve never heard semi-opens so wasn’t really considering them right now.

Also where do people usually get pads? I only heard of dekoni and yaxi

Not really tbh. It’s so minimal that at average volumes people sitting next to you most likely wouldn’t be able to hear it regarding the nighthawk.

There are zmf pads, mrspeakers pads, brainwavz, and more

Thanks for the help!
I’ll go and and listen to the nighthawk and beyers tomorrow.

I would suggest giving the DT770s a listen still, especially the 80 ohm version, if you can. The one thing I can assure of in this hobby is this. Just because someone else likes something, it doesn’t mean you will. I still break out my 770s on occasion, even though they’re one of the cheapest sets I own. The cable can be a pain, but I don’t find it to be that bad. Try as many as you can. Maybe the Meze 99 as well if you can.

Yeah I definitely will be listening to as many as I can before making a purchase, I have a few stores with a nice amount of headphones on display so I’ll be going there whenever I have time.

The meze 99s are still on my list, just most likely not going to be the next one i get.
Speaking of the meze 99s, while looking at websites for nearby stores I found a used meze 99 classic at around $190, depending on the condition do you think that may be a better option than the other two?
Also why would you reccomend the 80ohm 770s over the others?

I’m only going by reading what others have said, due to not trying all 3 versions myself. But supposedly all 3 sound different. Going by that again, the 80 ohm sounds best of the 3 supposedly. The set I have is the 80, and I think it sounds nice. It’s not for analytical listening at all, more of a “fun” sound signature. That said, they’re pretty comfy to wear. Just enough clamp, nice and light. If comfort is important to you, the Meze are even lighter on your head.

I’ve heard all three and I prefer the 250 ohm for it’s more balanced sound and slightly better detail vs the 80 ohm. The 80ohm is more bassy though. I didn’t like the 32 ohm, as it sounded like a worse 80 ohm. The 32ohm pair I tried also had stock different pads and a tighter clamp The 80ohm might be the better choice if you don’t have an amp, but imo I like the 250 better.

The meze is an even more of a fun headphone imo, but I think it’s not as good of a all genre rounder as the beyers, due to the super fun sound of the meze

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I’ll listen to both the 250 and 80 ohm if they have both. The d10 and atom should be fine to power the 250 ohm right?

For the meze i was wondering how the classics are different from the noir and neo. Have you tried all three before?

The d10 and atom is plenty, and will drive these great

The noir and the classic are almost the same with different coloration on the wooden cups. The 99 classic/noir is the one I prefer over the neo, because of the slightly better build and slightly more fun sound. The 99 neo kinda sound a little more sloppy to me.

I’m going to have a listen to the classics if they have it in store, but at around the same price, i’m guessing it would probably be better to get the noir than a used classic.