Problem with dt 770


I have my beyerdynamics since april this year and I had no problem with them sine last week. After work I took them off and I had an imprint on my ear (you know the one you get on your foot when you walk for a long time in new leather shoes). It’s been a week now since I’ve been listening to everything through my right ear :stuck_out_tongue:
From what I checked a big part of my ear is touching the inside of they heaphone. Anything I can do about it?


I would say breaking the headphone in more and reduce its clamp pressure by stretching it out is an option since more clamping force can push your ear in more. Otherwise you could always change the pads to something of a thicker variety, Dekoni Elite Velour works fine for this less you don’t use the velour of which just go with whatever style you currently use in that regard.

Maybe some others have some alternative ideas.