Problem with Hip-Dac though I might be dumb

Sorry if this doesn’t go here.

Anybody had any issues with the hip-dac running on usb power mine seems to continually run on battery. I have done it the way the manual says (i.e plugging in before turning it on) But it is for sure still running on battery I kept it low to see if it would die, then I charged it a little then plugged it in and turned it on waited and it still died both times a little later the second time. So I don’t know if I’m doing something dumb or not :confused: any help would be appreciated from Hip-Dac owners thanks.

Says in the instructions if you turn it on before you plug it in, it runs on batteries, if you plug it in them turn it on it runs on external power.
To be honest I don’t run mine long enough to notice most of the time.

Oh so if i plug it in then turn on it will bot effect the battery right? And it will not charge it also right?