Problem with rp600m

Anybody have problems with woofer driver blowing out I’m running a Cambridge audio a xr100 I’ve had two pairs of them and the woofer blowing out? The first one was a crossover problem I had it read soldered and it works fine but then it vibrated and broke?

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I don’t have them, however speakers are often blown by being under powered when the amp is pushed hard. Technically speaking the under powered amp is driven into high levels of distortion & low levels of damping factor when it is asked for high volume level.

Damping factor rating is what permits an amp to maintain a good grip on the bass frequencies. The higher the factor the better.

Slew rate of an amp could also be a possible factor. Slew rate involves the timing of signal in the amp’s circuits. Faster is better.

This I can only apply to solid state amps. Tube amps are another story. But in high end car audio & pro sound, damping factor & slew rate are typically published specs for amps. For home hifi amps, not that I’ve seen.

Also, could be Klipsch QC issue, getting a lemon.

Good luck in any case. Hope you get it solved.

I bottom the driver and the AVR went into protect mode on bladerunner 2049. they seem like it didnt get damaged.

RP600M are power hungry as to say.
Like it was mentioned. Probably being pushed too hard with no/little power + lower FR that they handle.