Problem with speakers. Constant Beeping noise

Hi, I ran into a problem with FX-Audio DAC X6 mk2, it works fine with headphones and speakers (Microlab FC-330) separately, but when I plug headphones in connected speakers just start to make that annoying beeping noise and I don’t know why. The speakers are active and are connected to DAC with RCA to 3,5mm jack cable (cable that speakers came with) that than is plugged to 3,5mm jack to RCA adapter. A bit of the mess I know, but I didn’t have any RCA cables lying around. What may cause this issue and how can I fix it?

Distinct beeps or a continuous whine/buzz?

To make this easier to figure out, would you mind sketching your setup?

and speakers are self powered

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Continuous high pitched buzz

Might not be cause of noise but would be good idea to just use RCA cable.
DAC -> RCA -> Sub.

Has it always made the sound or just suddenly started making it? Have you used it like normally.
Does the noise stop when un-plugin headphones or does it continue as long there is power on DAC?

As a joke. Since it’s shenzhenaudio, it’s just probably rubish.

I had these speakers for long time and they never made such noise, they were always plugged into pc monitor screen. They make such noise when headphones are plugged in to DAC, and also when cable is not connected to anything, but as soon as I unplug headphones it stops. I’ve also noticed that these speakers are quieter with this DAC compared to line out from the monitor.

Hi, so I bought new cables and it didn’t fix the problem. There’s still that annoying beeping noise :confused: