Problem with the iLoud Micro Monitors

Ok, I’ll keep that in mind when buying.

Thanks for the advice you’ve been super helpful! :relaxed:

Is the speaker size relevant?
If you kinda have a active speaker setup already, why not just change the faulty speaker to working one or just totally different?

I would kinda agree with this, if you liked the ilouds besides the issues your pair had, you could go with them again

Hi guys.

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this thread but if you guys were wondering, the problem with the rattle has totally gone away over time and I’ve been really really enjoying them.

I guess I had to burn them in maybe? Not sure why it was doing that in the first place but the problem has totally vanished and I’m glad I didn’t end up returning them.

Thanks by the way for all the responses you guys are super helpful and awesome. :heart: