Problem with the iLoud Micro Monitors

I recently purchased the iLoud Micro Monitors and I seem to have one issue with them that ruins playing some songs for me.

In some songs with higher frequency voices or sounds, from the powered speaker, there is a noticeable clipping or distortion (not sure which term I should use to describe it, but it sounds like a sharp metallic ringing for the duration of the high pitched sound) when a high pitched note is played. For example in James Blake’s new song ‘You’re Too Precious’, at the 13-second mark it is very apparent. I’ve tried a bunch of different songs with high pitched parts and the same problem is there.

I’ve tried changing the EQ switches on the back and none of them have solved my issue. It is at normal playing volumes and when the clipping arrives the LED light on the powered monitor does not flash red. (When it flashes red that tells you when the speaker is clipping.)

I’ve cleared my desk of anything that could possibly be creating the distortion, and even have it on miniature microphone stands and the problem still stands. Also after further inspection, it is clearly coming from the speaker itself and not anything rattling on the desk.

I’m using Tidal HiFi, as well as all the cables it came with, into my Micca Origen G2 DAC/Amp.

After hearing glowing reviews from forums as well as Zeos’ video, I was pretty hyped to have these as my desk is quite small and can’t fit average studio monitors.

Thank you in advance to anyone that could help me with this issue, I deeply appreciate it.

Hmmm, perhaps it could be your dac? Have you tried it with another source

Hmm perhaps, I’ll try it with my Auidoquest Dragonfly Red and give you an update on if it still clips.

Also I just noticed it only happens at louder volumes and when I turn it down it goes away.

Yeah go from there, if it still clips, you can rule out your dac as the issue

Just tried it with the Dragonfly, it still clips at the same volume.

Does it only happen with that specific track? Because what you might hear might just be the track’s production. The micro monitors are surprisingly revealing and some productions is going to be harsher on it

Nope it happens on a bunch of tracks for me. Any thing with a high pitched note. Even people talking in discord who have higher pitched voices it happens.

Gotcha then it is an issue for sure. And you said you messed with the eq switches and that didn’t do anything? Also have you tried setting your volume on the back of the speaker lower?

Yes I did mess with the EQ switches earlier and that didn’t solve it. Also did not think about the volume on the back, and just tried it and that didn’t fix it either.

so even setting the volume on the speakers to something pretty low on the volume control, it still had clipping noises?

Correct. But just now I pressed down on the largest speaker grill in the middle of the powered speaker, and when the same high pitched sound played at the same volume it went away and sounded normal. Could it possibly be an issue with the speaker grill, how would i get around fixing that?

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That is very helpful to know. So it’s actually the grill rattling, very interesting. I haven’t actually taken them apart before so I don’t know if I would feel comfortable telling you to do anything that might damage the unit. If this is new, then I would just return it for a replacement

So over the past 5 minutes or so I’ve held my thumb down on that grill and it seemed to flatten the curve on the grill itself. I guess that somehow tightened it or something? It stopped the rattling somehow and now the clipping is fixed, I don’t have to hold it down any more for it to sound normal. Anyway, thank you for your time M0N I really appreciate you taking the time to help me and troubleshoot this! Thanks again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Looks like it’s sorted out, I never would have guessed lol :+1:

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Hello again M0N,

So yesterday the speakers were working fine with no rattling but today is a different story.

Now if I hold it down for any amount of time, the problem is still there, and no amount of messing with the speaker grills will fix it sadly. It’s a shame because I was really liking these but I guess I have to return them now.

So anyway to replace these speakers I have a whole other separate question.

I’m looking to replace these with the Micca RB42. Since they are not self powered like the iLouds, how would I get around powering them?

I already have a Micca Origen G2, but after some research it looks like that alone couldn’t power them sufficiently since they only are an Amp/DAC for headphones.

Could I somehow use a speaker amp like this:

With this could I somehow use my Micca Origen G2 as a DAC and use that device as an amp?

I am new to this kind of stuff so I’m not sure if I’m wording anything correctly but any help would be highly appreciated. Also if you need me to create a new thread for this topic I can happily do so.

Thanks in advance!

So what I would do is I would grab an amp like a topping pa3 as it’s really solid sounding and has enough power for the rb42. You could use the pre out of the g2 and be fine.

If you wanted to go for another powered speaker, the vanatoo t0 is also pretty nice

Thanks for the advice!

In your opinion what do you think would sound better out of those two systems? :thinking:

Hmmm, what do you mainly listen to?

Anything except country basically. Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Folk, EDM, R&B, Indie, etc.

Gotcha, well both the rb42 and the t0 sound up your alley, I guess the nice thing is that with the passive speaker setup you can upgrade easily in the future, but if you are only picking one my preference leans towards the vanatoo as more refined and a bit higher quality imo