Progression from Audeze LCD-2 2.2

As the title states, what do you guys think would be a progression?

I love the LCD 2 signature, warts and all. In the Audeze line what would be the next step up, I’m looking for improvement across the board, but that maintains that LCD 2 fazor sound signature?

No budget yet, but of course I’d rather not plunk down the cost of a used hatchback that’s the asking price for the LCD-4.

I’d be tempted in a good quality LCD-3 but wouldn’t bother if it’s not an appreciable upgrade from a LCD-2 f and I wouldn’t even changed if the signature wasn’t similar, only more refined. In short, looking for and across the board better LCD-2 f.

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LCD-24? Tuning of the 2, technicalities of the 4 I believe is how @M0N described it. Doesn’t exactly help you out on avoiding the used hatchback pricing…

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