Progressive Metal Thread

Post anything you want from recommendations to deep music theory discussion
Here are some good starting points for newcomers

Dream Theater
Images and Words

Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From a Memory

Blackwater Park

Devin Townsend

Between the Buried and Me
Color (My personal all time favorite album)

From Mars to Sirius

The Mountain

Periphery II: This Time it’s Personal


The studious Swedish older brother

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I’ll give a shout-out to Ayreon. It’s not as heavy or serious as some other Prog Metal acts, but the grand concept albums, all-star lineups and careful construction and production are praiseworthy. If you can let yourself not care that it gets a bit corny at times, it’s all really well done.

I picked up a few albums by Caligula’s Horse and I like what I have heard so far.

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Much of my listening comes from this general area. Others I’m into:

Riverside (a favourite)
Porcupine Tree
Pineapple Thief
Steven Wilson
Knight Area
Lunatic Soul
Neal Morse Band

And closely related I’m also into Symphonic Metal

Within Temptation

Riverside is great, especially Second Life Syndrome.

While I wouldn’t classify Porcupine Tree as Metal, they are exceptional. In Absentia is nearly flawless.

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I think the band Wolverine might be up your ally. I’ve only heard a couple songs but they seem similar to what you listed.

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There are so many great bands out there. This is a new one for me but yes, a few samples and Wolverine is very much the style I enjoy.

Pain of Salvation is another to add to the Prog Metal list, especially The Perfect Element album.

never really dived deep into this sub genre but I really do enjoy TOOL. songs like sober, 46 and 2, the pot aenima really enjoy their style specially that awesome bass lines. but im not a metal head

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Yeah Tool is a pretty big band and defiantly should be mentioned in this thread. I love their song Lateralus but outside of that I cant really get into them. If you like them though I’d recommend The Contortionist. These songs are Tool-esq to my ears.

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They are more of an alternative prog band but I thought I’d mention them here: Primus

They have so many good songs / albums, here is their latest.


Yeah I wanted to share some prog music too. :slight_smile:




Does anyone else listen to Between the Buried Me? Is it just me, or do their 2020 remasters sound substantially worse than the originals? The mixes sound flat and boring in comparison.
I don’t know, maybe it’s the 6XX I’m using. I’ll try some others cans later

Yeah I’m not into them much. I’ve only listened to them each once. I remember the colors one was good except the drums kind of ruined it