[Project update] Headphone Stand

[Project update] Thank you for your time to fill my surveys. Now I am ready to show headphone stands created by me.
I am planning to start with the project on kickstarter soon:

More details and the price You can find on: https://www.neederland.com/


Oh so that was you on r/headphones. Just gonna say it here - very unique approach, I like it. Unfortunately I don’t think any of my cans will fit well due to either (1) being way too small or (2) having bulky permanent wires.

Keep us updated!

Thank You for Your Comment! Could You give me examples of headphones you mentioned? I will check them and come back to You with the answer.

Very interesting design… For those that have suspension bands that do not want to hang them that way this would help a lot !! Looking forward to final and release.

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Thank You for the feedback. I was tired of all these generic stands so I wanted to make something new which would meet my and audio community needs.
The kickstarter project is to be lauched in January 2021. It is possible to leave email there for notification when it launches

Koss Porta Pro, KPH30i, KTXPRO1 - tiny, so the cavity of the stand will be too big.

Koss Pro4AA - has a screwed-on knob on thr left cup and the cable juts out at weird angle. Otherwise would fit.

Koss ESP/95X - permanently affixed electrostat cable. Also, resting angle would be an open invitation to dust falling into the earcups, and electrostats really do not like dust and debris.

I like the concept. I would be interested in a stand solution such as this especially, if it were able to accommodate Hifiman egg / teardrop shaped cups, as those on the Edition X V2, Arya and HE 1000 series.

Tiny als o fit well, check my first prototype in-market test:

I will try to find these in market, as You mentioned, as well.
Thank You for the feedback

You can safely and easily wash the foam
Below You can find small headphones on my stand: