Proprietary AKG Adpater?

So just got my AKG 361, love’m!
everything is fine and dandy aside from the annoying cable…
I love hart audio cables but its so expensive to ship outside the US. So aside from a full-on custom cable, anyone knows of an adapter? or even a less shitty cable that works?

So far as I’m aware, it’s just a locking 2.5mm like what you find on the m50x/m40

Two issues with that

  1. Its not the same cable, very similar but slightly different as far as “bolt” itself (i had a m50 way back and i still have one of the cables)
  2. the m50 cable is just as bad as the AKG one :face_vomiting:

The top cable is the AKG, the bottom is AT, aside from being longer, you can see the notch isn’t the same

Eh, I own the M40, but not the 361. I can see 3 differences: the AKG doesn’t go as deep and the locking notch is a bit smaller and shallower(doesn’t go quite as far down)